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Life is my muse.

I see the overwhelming beauty

in a seemingly ordinary moment

and capture it in photographs.


I was born and raised between the mountains of Northern Italy and the Mediterranean summers in Sicily where

my parents are from, and where my family lives to this day. At the age of six, my family and I moved to Puerto Rico

where we lived a tropical,

richly cultural and colorful life.

I now live in picturesque New England, where the seasons are intensely beautiful, the air crisp, and inspiration lives right ouside the doors of my little white cottage.

My love of travel is deeply embedded into who I am. I travel as frequently as I can, photographing and writing as I explore new places. My love of literature and other cultures besides my own lend a unique sensitivity to the way in which I perceive

the world around me.

A photograph is more than a capture

of color and light. It is the freezing of a moment in time, the smell of the air, the sounds in the distance, how we felt at that time, how the world was around us then. Long after our memory fades,

a photograph can bring back to us details long forgotten, and with them,

the very essence of who we were

and who we still are.

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